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The options available also depend on the chosen receiver location as follows: eneral Introduction - see also the navigator bar at the top of the page, and the list of useful links at the bottom.

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In general: UK Place Name look up covers UK mainland only, except that the transmitter version also searches the UK transmitter list.

UK Post Code look up should find codes for the entire UK, but to reduce the chances of usage capping by Google, does so by searching the Open Space UK mainland database first, only trying Google on failure.

Channels above 60 were released for 4G mobile data use during DSO, leaving 21 to 60 as the current range, but between 20 further channels above 50 @ 700MHz are to be released for mobile use.

As with DSO, these ongoing changes will cause 'retune events' requiring local residents to retune equipment to pick up changes, some may even need new aerials.

Other post codes and places, for example Eire, can be looked up using the World Place Name option, but the database is very -centric, so append an appropriate country name, for example , Eire.

When you are satisfied with your settings, you can save them by pressing Submit and then bookmarking, marking as a favourite, the resulting URL, the parameters in which will recreate your original settings in the calculator.

Small establishments also operated at Brotton (7 paupers) and at Commondale and Danby (4 paupers each).

According to (Chadwick, 1996), the Guisborough workhouse, "an old tumbledown cottage", was "no regular workhouse but a house for the reception of paupers".

aerial towards a distant transmitter, and can display on an internet map the required azimuth (bearing or direction), or calculate the compass or grid bearing for use with a printed map.

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