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Live Streaming provides opportunities for broadcasters to display their gameplay, game play-through, or other topics-of-interest in real time; a.k.a., live.

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When he began to hem and haw, the host pushed forward with trademark bluster: “Do you have sex?

” The question produced both a smile and a warm response from Birdman.

If You Tube doesn’t do something to tame the vitriol, expect a fair amount of hate speech and abuse to accompany the further democratization of live broadcasting. In today’s political climate especially, hot-headed online discourse and outright harassment are common features across social networks and media sites of all stripes.

For its part, Twitter is in the process of tweaking its abuse report tools and policies in a long-overdue bid to fix one of its nastiest problems now that neo-Nazis feel unusually empowered there.

Unlike highlighted, or archived, videos, live streaming provides an highly-interactive experience for both the broadcaster and the viewer in real time.

It may seem odd that more than two years into the mobile live-streaming hype, we’ve heard so little from the biggest video site of them all: You Tube.Reps for Braxton did not immediately return PEOPLE’s request for comment on their rumored engagement.Relationship rumors first began swirling around the couple after the “Breathe Again” singer and the rapper were spotted getting cozy at the 2016 BET Awards.But even the professionally produced live streams offer us a glimpse at how easily things can go sour.If you’ve ever watched a presidential debate or really anything having to do with politics on You Tube, you’ve likely watched the real-time chat box on live videos can turn into a firehose of hate speech and conspiracy theories that fly by in all caps too rapidly to even allow for the possibility of a levelheaded discussion. Have you ever read even the regular comments under a video?But that didn’t stop Birdman from playing it cool when asked about their relationship.

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