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It’s just very flattering.” “Hot and wholesome” translates into a lot of strategic cut-outs and off-the shoulder pieces.

There’s nothing that reveals a lot of leg or cleavage, but flashes of scapula are definitely acceptable, ideally accessorized with a Free People racerback lace bralette.

These $20 to $48 bralettes do insanely well for the retailer, and multiple colors and styles are laid out like a mini-lingerie store in cubbies in the brick-and-mortar locations.

Skinny ripped jeans are still going strong here, too.

Then live it.” The Evereve mom stands somewhere in the middle of the virgin/whore continuum of womanhood.

“We call it wholesome sexy — mom sexy,” laughs Megan Tamte, who founded Evereve in 2004 in Edina, Minnesota with her husband, Michael. ” “My husband would never tell me what I should wear or what I shouldn’t wear.

Full-priced items range from $48 for a Junk Food tee to $60 to $80 for the store brands, to several hundred for a leather jacket.

My sister-in-law thought the prices were a bit steep, particularly for what she called “brands I’ve never heard of before.” Lauren also says that some of her friends have balked at the price point.

Evereve, which has 68 stores throughout the US as well as a website and a box subscription styling service called Trendsend, explicitly and proudly markets to moms. Jill, and Eileen Fisher are merely (and stereotypically) to be mom havens, Evereve fully commits to the demographic.

The tags on its clothes read, “Show off your smarts, then show off your beauty.

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