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Kacey Jordan in Forced Bi Cuckolds The outlook wasn't brilliant for Kacey's husband Les; he knew he was going to spend the afternoon watching his wife's gloriously meaty pussy get split down the middle by another man's cock.

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She managed to make it through college without finding a couple men intrepid enough to satisfy her curious longing.

When she married, she had finally resigned herself to only ever being able to see this particular sex act on the internet.

With that thought, he closed his eyes, thought of Kacey, and dipped his mouth down on the other man's tool...

Katie Kayne in Forced Bi Cuckolds When Scotty promised to love, honor and obey Katie at their wedding, he probably never thought that the "obey" part would include blowing her new lover so she could ride his stiff cock.

When it comes to mouths-on training, Marlena seems to be an A student!

This month, Eden's lazy-ass husband has come up a little short on the rent, and with the debt collector at the door there's really only one way to keep a roof over their heads: time to trade some pussy for a place to live.

But Eden's a modern woman; she makes sure that she's not the only one sucking dick to stay off the streets by forcing her husband to gag on some long cock, too!

Jennifer's husband has always fantasized about watching his wife with another guy, so when the opportunity presents itself, he jumps into the closet to watch Jennifer ride some hot cock.

But what kind of life is that, where Gracie should have to compromise her yearnings? So, in order to live her dream, Gracie has to resort to some subtle subterfuge involving her husband, scarf bondage, and a willing third party who enjoys a hot man-mouth on his unit.

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