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The New York State Department of Labor (NYS DOL) enforces this law. Here, “overtime” means work hours over and above the predetermined and regularly scheduled work hours a nurse has agreed to work. A: “Overtime” in this context is different from its usual meaning -- hours worked past forty in a given week.|top| Q: Who is covered under the law for mandatory overtime restrictions?

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A health care employer who seeks such a waiver from a nurse will have violated the law.

|top| Q: What can I do if I was required to work overtime but I do not believe my employer met the requirements of the law?

We consider on-call time as time spent working for purposes of determining whether a health care employer has required a nurse to work overtime.

|top| Q: What is meant by “prescheduled on-call time”?

Each law specifies the children they cover in terms of age, height, weight, or a combination of these factors. Methods for conducting systematic reviews of the evidence of effectiveness and economic efficiency of interventions to reduce injuries to motor vehicle occupants.

The results of these studies should be applicable to most child passengers in the United States.

Political sense of "approval supposedly conferred by voters to the policies or slogans advocated by winners of an election" is from 1796. Related: A command or an expression of a desire, especially by a group of voters for a political program.

Politicians elected in landslide victories often claim that their policies have received a mandate from the voters.

This includes (but is not limited to): The health care employer must document all attempts to avoid the use of mandatory overtime and seek alternative staffing.

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