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Just keep this in mind as you attempt to emulate yourself after a famous person: celebrities are more disposable now than ever before. What’s cool right now might seem silly in less than two years.

“This cottage would really be overwhelmed by the new construction,” she said.

The property owners are focusing on the 1883 section of the house as historically significant, their historical consultant Margarita Wuellner said.

“It’s very unusual in that one family had so many decades in one house,” she said, describing the addition as dating back to at least the 1940s.

Replacing the addition would mean only a small portion of the historic house would be seen from the street, she said.

“We were able to look up and see the fresh wood in the ceiling in other areas.

You could tell the house had been remolded on numerous occasions.” Mayor Toni Iseman said she was concerned what this approval could mean for other historic properties in the city.LAGUNA BEACH – The face of the oldest standing house in the city will change after a construction project two years in the making received approval.The City Council voted Tuesday night to deny an appeal of the project, which would build a 43-square-foot addition on the existing building, replacing an older addition, and add a 1,494-square-foot single-family home to the property at 154 Pearl St.From a pop-culture perspective, people are remarkably influenced by what celebrities are doing – and we’re not just talking about celebrities who gained fame through some skill or talent, but reality T. The “Celebrity-Culture” in which we live today far exceeds anything we’ve seen in the past, and people are increasingly mimicking what the famous are doing.Here’s a good example: Scarlett Johanssen had a bigger impact on the increased popularity of her name than Scarlett O’Hara did in 1936.This house at 154 Pearl Street claims it’s the oldest house in Laguna Beach, dating to 1883.

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