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Before you start on this venture, I would strongly encourage you to visit your OB/GYN or a qualified breast-care medical facility to bring your mammography history up to date, and for a good CBE (Clinical Breast Examination) to be sure that you are aware of what may be occurring in your breasts at this time.

The tongue presses on your breast at a point an inch or more behind your nipple, not ON your nipple.

The tongue should do a "rolling" action to coax your milk to move toward your nipple.

Do not slide your fingers on your skin move your breast skin with your fingers, sliding your skin over the inner parts of your breast.

Move your "grip" on your breast to express each of your ductal "systems" that are arranged in a circular arrangement completely around your nipple.

Your age may rule out the likelihood of your being pregnant, so breast changes would suggest hormonal difficulties or breast changes such as calcification or cancer or a tumor on the pituitary gland, and further tests will be recommended.

This can be avoided if you make sure that the doctor that schedules your mammograms is aware that you are attempting to lactate.

You need to express from each cluster of lobules to get each one to send a signal to your brain to activate each cluster.

Continue expressing each breast for 10 - 15 minutes or until your breast is empty, which ever is LONGER.

It is not automatic for everyone, unless they go through the 9 months of pregnancy that usually precedes a woman lactating.

I don't think too many of you are willing to do THAT, just to establish an ANR.

There is one thing that seems to be common to many of the ANRs (Adult Nursing Relationships) that are having problems, and that is wanting to know how long it will take to establish lactation.

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