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“Many of our laws are drafted for the unpopular,” argued Ms Dhillon, who added that in her view Google thinks “the only way to achieve parity in the workplace is through quotas.” Mr Damore said he would open to going back to work at Google and it is his hope that the lawsuit “really help[s] Google [become] a truly inclusive place.” He also noted that “about half” of the people at Google who responded to an internal poll actually agreed with his divisive memo.Ms Dhillon noted that Google’s motto is “don’t be evil” but there is “nothing more evil” than managers refusing to hire or work with employees who voted for President Donald Trump, for example.The pair now live happily in South Korea, but don't like to discuss how their relationship started She's passed on the chance to flee to South Korea, saying she worries about leaving her daughter and husband, a poor farmer with polio.'I'm living here because of my family ... Y.'s sun-bronzed husband said, his crutch by his side.

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Ms Dhillon said that “in California your political views are a protected characteristic” and that what Google has allegedly done to Mr Damore and others is illegal.

She said during the news conference: “I don’t want people to get fired for their liberal views.” But, added that Mr Damore was fired within 48 hours of the internal memo leaking because a “mob on the internet” determined his views “unpopular”.

She could have met a better husband.'Two other North Korean women interviewed in western Liaoning province said their husbands treated them well, but others described abuse.

One former bride who fled to South Korea said her Chinese husband tied her to a post for hours after she once tried to escape.

Because the women have been trafficked to China, they are living in the country illegally and have never officially married their husbands. A widow from a city near Pyongyang, North Korea's capital, she didn't even give her two sons a proper goodbye when she left for China, thinking she would be able to quickly return home after making some money.

Some of the women chose to stay, fearful of what might happen to them if they try to escape, and preferring their new life to the one they left behind - dangerous and abusive though it might be. Instead a broker sold her to her new husband for 14,000 yuan (,100).The fate of North Korea women smuggled into China with the promise of jobs and a better life only to be sold as brides has been revealed in a series of rare interviews.Experts believe thousands of women have been trafficked in this way since the famine in North Korea in the 1990s, often leaving families and children behind in order to make the journey. is a North Korean woman who was trafficked to China 11 years ago, thinking she would be able to work, earn some money for her family, then return.Their plight is largely ignored, partly because the women almost never agree to interviews.The Associated Press spoke with seven trafficked North Korean women and three Chinese husbands.But most of all, she's been haunted by grief and regret over the children she had to leave behind.'When I first came here, I spent all day drinking because I worried a lot about my kids in North Korea.

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