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It represents Kazakhstan at the contest "Miss Tourism" (Miss Tourism International-2014). Saltanat Bekjigitova (1993) is a winner of the annual beauty contest online "Miss.

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And the reason is that females here are very diverse in everything including their appearances, religions, worldviews, ways of thinking and intelligence development levels.

So let us discover who is a Kazakh woman point by point: Nevertheless, taking into consideration the fact that about 70% of people living in this country are Muslims (Sunni), the greatest part of women practice Muslim faith, too.

In winter almost everybody goes ice skating or skiing.

Kazakh girls love to travel 1-2 times a year, depending on their financial situation.

They enjoy socializing with friends in cafés a couple of times a week.

Young women often go to movies on weekends or after work during the week.

They respect native Kazakh traditions and take interest in the culture of other nations.

They often visit their relatives and have pleasure in taking part in family events.

Perhaps the reason is that only lately it has been discovered that Kazakhstan is not only a marvelous country of beautiful nature, but also of not less beautiful women.

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