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Karla De Vito (born May 29 1953) is an American singer actress and voice artist.De Vito and her three brothers were raised by their mother Vivienne who when not working to support the family was often singing at home.

Alex falls in love with her steel mill boss, saves her friend Jeanie from the sleazy Zanzibar club, eats lobster like a ravenous animal in a tuxedo bib (and not much else), and auditions for a coveted spot at the Conservatory.

, performed by Irene Cara, deservedly won an Academy Award.

Elmo’s Fire In 1985, we were treated to a contender for “the ultimate Brat Pack movie.” This coming-of-age drama starred Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew Mc Carthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, and Mare Winningham. ) The soundtrack included the song Give Her a Little Drop More by jazz trumpeter John Chilton and Shake Down by Billy Squier.

(It also featured Andie Macdowell, aka she-of-the-fabulously-curly-hair-I’ll-always-covet.) The characters are fresh graduates from Georgetown and are working on finding their places in the world. , however, was the #1 song from the movie that 80s kids everywhere know and love.

Karla attended Willow Crest Grade School in Mokena where she was a cheerleader.

Karla attended Lincoln-Way High School in New Lenox Illinois.

6: Valley Girl 1983’s is about the blossoming romance between Julie, a girl from the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, and Randy, a punk from Hollywood.

It’s an 80s-style Romeo and Juliet story, bedazzled with a radical new wave score. Check out the movie trailer for rad soundtrack snippets as well as clips of a super-cute 80s Nicolas Cage as Randy: Y9x Oo 6: St.

We got some great responses, because, after all, there were tons of bodacious soundtracks in the 80s.

Here’s a rundown of the most bitchin’ movie scores of the 80s, with many thanks for all the tweets and Facebook votes that helped us compile it.

He is best known as the voice of Beast in the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast and its numerous sequels and spin-offs, and directed several episodes of the popular sitcom Friends. Benson had an early role on the daytime soap Search for Tomorrow (1971–72).

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