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I, in turn, did up the buttons on his new ruby-red cardigan and buckled up his shoes — glad he still needs me and he still heeds me, now I’m 64.

What I had wanted to say was that, although on October 7, 1961, I felt my ship had come home, marriage was, in fact, more like a tiny rowing boat with only two oarsmen setting out on a vast uncharted ocean.

Leo, who was a publisher of military books, was diagnosed in 2001, but devoted Jilly — who had known him since she was nine — refused to put him into care and insisted on looking after him at home in Gloucestershire.

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Some simply indicate the passages; but a really good concordance quotes enough of a passage to recall it to the memory of one familiar with it.

Sometimes concordance is used in reference to alphabetical indexes of Biblical subjects, which guide one to all the passages of the Bible referring to the subject in question; but as commonly employed in English the word denotes a purely verbal concordance, a text-finder.

And, in July 2000, Felix marrying a girl we all love.

He had to do up the clasp, which defeated my poor sight.

In those hours we remembered the happy times together: romping in the bracken in Yorkshire in the Sixties, learning to dance the twist in Primrose Hill, Leo hitting a mighty century against the Bank of England, Verdi booming up the stairs to the accompaniment of popping corks before another riotous dinner party.

Then there was Emily’s 21st birthday party on the lawn at home under an orange moon, leaving not a blade of grass vertical in the surrounding hay fields.For our ruby wedding anniversary, we toyed with the idea of a drinks party at the Garrick Club, then decided to go for broke with lunch in the country, a band, caterers, a marquee and ruby and pink invitations designed by one of Leo’s oldest friends, Timothy Jaques.I kicked off with a list of 200 guests, which Leo shot down in flames.Leo went back to his publishing job and found me a job with another publisher.From this, I was understandably sacked, because I spent all day reading recipes in order to cook Leo exotic dinners in the evening.Being a publisher, he gave me proof copies of forthcoming novels, which I much preferred to boxes of chocolates.

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