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I’m easy on the eye — and I use it to my advantage every single day.Before you roll your eyes in disgust and write me off as a shameless gold digger, little better than a WAG, consider this.

He was reputed to occasionally put forward favoured students who would automatically go on to be granted that much-sought-after first rung on the ladder.

Inevitably, he put me forward for my first position in TV.

Why anyone else wouldn’t behave as I did is beyond me. As for my girlfriends, in shared moments over a bottle of wine, when alcohol had paved way for confession time, I discovered a perhaps not-so-surprising thing.

One girlfriend regularly re-adjusts her bra before going into a meeting with her male boss. My then-husband couldn’t cope with my success or with the fact I paid so much attention to nurturing my relationship with the right bosses. I’d put friendships on the backburner while in pursuit of the man or woman with the bigger, better job prospects. When you step over that line you move away from the sisterhood and your peers.

While you might be thinking I’m little better than a prostitute, I’d argue that’s far from the case.

Dr Hakim says erotic capital has real value in the job market and refers to countless studies which back this up. Platonic male friends were full of admiration when they clocked how my career and salary soared above theirs.

If I need to secure a reservation in my local busy restaurant I will see the owner and ask him for my favoured table.

We inevitably pass several minutes chatting, flirting and catching up on family life.

By the time I arrived in London to go to university, my skills had been honed even further.

I groomed a relationship with a professor whose cousin worked in TV.

They wanted to feel valued as a man — and I was always more than ready with the right words. I’d arrive early — looking perky — to have that valuable 30 minutes of chat with the guy who controlled my wages and the path my career took.

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