Jason mraz and tristan prettyman dating again

Cedar Gold With her first three recordings, 2003’s The Love EP, 2005’s breezy twentythree and 2008’s Hello, Tristan Prettyman parlayed her smoky alto voice and laid-back surfer-girl-from-San-Diego charm into an eight-year career studded with highlights that included Hello’s No.2 position on the i Tunes Digital Albums chart and headlining tours across the U. But instead of capitalizing on the attention and immediately making plans to record a third album after wrapping two years of touring in support of Hello, Prettyman took an extended break during which she traveled the globe, had surgery to remove polyps on her vocal cords, got engaged to her long-term boyfriend, dealt with the pain of his ending the engagement, and eventually questioned whether she even wanted to be a musician at all.“I was really burnt out and uninspired, so I decided to take some time off,” Prettyman says.As Prettyman introduces the project (in a very introductory fashion with the word "Hello"), she also introduces the basic elements previously mentioned.

Prettyman and producers Sacha Skarbek (one of the writers behind the James Blunt smash "You're Beautiful") and Martin Terefe (KT Tunstall, Jason Mraz, James Morrison) craft a consistent backdrop against which to present the singer's dynamic, earthy vocals.

Concentrating heavily on mellow grooves, harmlessly funky rhythms and the rootsy refrains of an acoustic guitar, the production on Hello is polished enough for mass appeal yet just raw enough moments to attract fans who don't enjoy polished pop-rock.

“The idea that ‘things may be a bit crappy right now, but let’s make the most of it’ is very reflective of me as a person and my outlook on life.

I always try to look at the bigger picture of why something is happening.

“I went to Bali, Australia, and Europe and kind of went crazy.

Life went from all these obligations to eating good food, meeting amazing people, and flowing with the wind.

I had periods of time where I was numb and immune to feeling.

My walls were up really high and I was on my guard.

"California Girl", far less sunny a song than its name might suggest, begins with guitar riffs and gang vocals that call a cracked and dusty Western landscape to mind.

The song eventually erupts into a full-on, electric guitar-led rock tune that has a Ben Harper sensibility.

“I started writing songs from a place that was so deep and honest, where I didn’t hold anything back,” she says. I was like, ‘This is what music is about — being able to release what is trapped inside of you.’ Whenever anything ached or caused me pain, I’d tell myself, ‘Save it for the record.’”With an artistry that lies in her finely etched lyrical details and intimate vocal performances, Prettyman spares no one, including herself, on songs like “Say Anything,” “I Was Gonna Marry You,” “Come Clean,” “Glass Jar,” and “Never Say Never,” which ends a heartbreaking spoken-word outro: “You can’t start a fire in the pouring rain.”Prettyman wrote several of the songs with Dave Hodges, whom she first met the morning after a particularly emotional night.

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