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- The original ending of 'Leaving Normal' was actually outside the hospital.

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They tried to use real tabasco sauce, but their eyes kept watering and they kept running for more water after each take.

Fox was originally going to air Roswell but decided at the last minute not to air it.

Additional items - In the season 3 credits, the names of the three actors who play aliens as well as the word Roswell start out in alien script and change into English. reminded me of the following: Philip Evans was played by two different actors. When they are not shooting scenes, they can sometimes be found in their trailers eating, sleeping, getting a quick nap, reading, writing, watching t.v., listening to music... Dan Lubetin was originally the name of a writers room mate from college? in "Tess, Lies and Videotape" a report about the fire shows the co-executive producer Thania St. Sedona - the writers just changed the first letter. -Executive producer Jonathan Frakes appears on-screen near the end of the first episode.

Brown played him throughout the rest of the series. (Sheriff Valenti's father) was also played by two different actors. The desert scenes are usually shot at the Vasquez Rocks (a popular hiking spot). All cast members are at work for 14-16 hours a day, whether or not they have a lot of scenes in the episode. In the "Pilot", "The Convenntion" and in "Secret & Lies". the name Nasedo originally came from a city in Arizona? In Roswell she played Isabel Evans, in Wuthering Heights she played just Isabel and in her new series "Grey's Anatomy" she plays Isobel "Izzie" Stevens. in 2001, Roswell was one of two shows to move from The WB to UPN? She was only 17 when she got the part and no one found out the truth until she asked for a tutor on set.

-Majandra Delfino was nicknamed Majandra because her sister couldnt pronounce her real name, Maria Alejandra. Appleby in Swimfan (2002), Heigl in Wuthering Heights (2003) (TV) and Delfino in Traffic (2000).

Roswell is based on the book series, Roswell High by Melinda Metz.

Also, Julie Benz, Who plays Agent Tapolski, plays Darla on Buffy.

-The pilot episode was the highest-testing episode 20th Century Fox had ever done.

He played Brain Krakow Devon Gummersall has been on Felicity and Blossom Colin is the son of Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewes Desmond Askew(Brody) went to school in England, UK Jeremy Davidson(Grant) has been on both Law & Order and Nypd Blue -ROSWELL IN NEW ZEALAND FACTS- from aliendprint The first episode of Roswell premiered in New Zealand on February 8 1999 and the last episode on May 19 2002 Roswell is the third best rating US Drama in New Zealand after E. -The mountain where alien-children came from (and frequently go back to) is the same as the mountain Captain Kirk climbs in an episode of Star Trek (1966); it was also used in Bill & Teds Bogus Journey (1991), as the mountain to which Bill & Ted are brought to be killed by the evil robots and in Fastlane (2002) where Van and Deq go to meet with an arms dealer (and their car is shot with a rocket launcher).

Colin's Ex-Girlfriend Busy Philipps auditioned for all three female roles in Roswell? Shiri and Jason had guest appearances in "7th Heaven"? Katherine and Devon had both guest appearances in "The Twilight Zone"? Katherine, as well as Shiri stook in front of the camera with Jesse Bradford? Brendan and Alison Lange (Laurie in Roswell) played a couple in the movie 'Christina's House'? William Sadler and Brendan had roles in David Nutter's 'Disturbing Behavior'? Brendan and Sara Downing (Courtney) played in the movie "The Forsken"? Majandra and Miko Hughes (Nicholas) were in the "Zeus and Roxanne" cast? before Roswell Julie Benz was with Majandra in a movie? Brandi Andres went out with Jason Behr in 1998 and some years later she played together with Majandra Delfino in "R. Max was sitting on a bench outside and Liz comes out and gives him a hug/ Before the episode aired the WB decided they wanted a more cinimatice ending and it was re-shot outside the crashdown using the more dramatic camera angles -Julie Benz was only in nine episodes, but she still has her own gallery at - When printed out, the season 4 petion weight about 6 pounds -There were 61 episodes of Roswell made before it was cancelled -Roswell is a big hit in Japan.

The desert scenes were usually shot at the popular hiking area, Vasquez Rocks, in California, USA.

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