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Initially called Video Secrets, Flirt4Free is today a mixed site that combines premium options with the fremium ones, but if we take a look at the top 20 webcam models of the site, most revenues are premium.

Having good prices per minute, between $ 4 and $ 12, F4F starts with a base commission of 25% that can go higher for the top cam studios or webcam models - up to 30%.

Moreover, Flirt4Free is the most popular site for male online modeling, with its own dedicated version:

is a site founded in 2001 in Hungary, by György Gattyán, considered today to be one of the richest men in the world.

Gattyan began by developing several cam studios and by working with the platforms of that time, he felt that they did not bring enough quality, shine and that it didn`t bring a TV show with just a drop of eroticism atmosphere, as he wanted.

Chaturbate became a verb in the English language, to "chaturbate" meaning to masturbate while chatting online.

It is also one of the best live cam sites based on tips and not on the minutes spent in private chatrooms and on shows rather than on relationships.

The site is recommended for the webcam models that have a good command of the English language and want to focus on relationships and not on shows, but it is also recommended for webcam models to work hard in the first 2-3 months to win an audience of fans and that don`t necessarily want big immediate earnings.

Flirt4Free is one of the best live cam sites that has a significant amount of very wealthy members, who often spend $ 10,000 every day.

Created and launched in 2014, it is a fremium, token-based site, which profited from the Oh Mi Bod`s launch and the integration with one of the largest online dating site in the world - CECash, having a diverse traffic, compatible with both relationship oriented webcam models and the show oriented ones.

The webcam models` and studios` commission models is 50% and the site continues to grow each year, providing customized solutions upon request and focusing on the continuous improvement of the platform. Imlive was launched in 2002 and it has a rich history and premium tradition, with multiple international awards won and top webcam models that have performed for them for years.

After several years in which has not been a priority for the group, it has made a return in 20 on an ascendant path, having loyal quality members and very good webcam models, specialized in the glamour modeling niche.

is one of the best premium live cam sites since its burst in the US market in 1999.

The site pays a 30% commission to the webcam models and studios, and up to 35% of the models that are first in a certain period, called the Hall of Fame.

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