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The following example illustrates this issue: does the following date represent the 1st of February 2017 or the 2nd of January 2017?

This ambiguity can cause major issues if the date is parsed incorrectly.

If you've tried to save a Javascript Date object into Mongo DB, you might've noticed that Mongo DB automatically wrapped your date with a peculiar function: provides a convenient way to represent a date in Mongo DB as a String visually, while still allowing the full use of date queries and indexing.

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Developers using loosely-typed languages like Java Script will sometimes accidentally store a time String rather than a date, so sometimes the presence of a String in the date field can indicate a logic error.

Mongo DB dates can initially cause some frustration for developers just starting out, and understanding the different ways that a date can be stored in Mongo DB can help to ease that frustration.

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This can be handy for platforms without a convenient or easy wrapper, or if you don't want to spend time processing the date on the client side of your application.

Let's walk through each of the potential ways a Date can be represented in Mongo DB and discuss the pros and cons of each.At Compose Tips, we like to address the issues that can leave even experienced developers scratching their head.We'll kick off this series by taking a look at how Mongo DB stores dates.Because I know that there are a *LOT* Of dating sims over in japan.However I'm not sure if there aren't that many over here in America.Working with dates in Mongo DB can be surprisingly nuanced, and knowing how dates are stored can make avoiding pitfalls much easier.

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