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In fact, Stanger, 54, opined that on-again, off-again couples are essentially doomed."I don't think it ever works out," she told Us.Check out her answers to the other questions I threw at her.

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"They're back and forth but someone's gotta…

They're both Scorpios so they're both stubborn," the Bravo star explained.

And how do we get them to come over and talk to us without speaking, because he who speaks first is male, so you want to be feminine energy.

Like, "Oh, that is so sweet of you asking me to your parent's birthday party, but I'm so sorry I already have plans." Then don't say another word. Let that awkward pause happen—you do your nails, read your book, you wait for him to approach.

We've also got the star of Destiny's Child and we've got a gay millionaire.

We all basically don't know how to date, we don't know how to qualify the buyer, how to pick who's right or wrong, we don't know where all the men are.

She doesn't have a sexuality exuding from her like Angelina does. Patti: Yes, curly and wavy hair like Kate Hudson is great when it has a styling product in it and it looks silky and smoothe.

One of our readers wants to know what is wrong with curly hair.

Ageism is only appropriate when you're over 40.

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