Irish sex toy chat

For much of its early life, RTÉ Television Centre's Studio 1 in Donnybrook, Dublin was its home—this original studio accommodated a small audience of about 120.

In 1995, The Late Late Show transferred to the more spacious Studio 4, adapted specifically to cater for this and Kenny Live.

Sandwiched in the brochure between a pair of antique miniature portraits and a set of decanter labels, the item is described in the brochure as an “antique carved ivory ladies companion in scarlet lined leather upholstered carry box with inset bevelled glass panel”.

Three external broadcasts have aired, most recently from the Wexford Opera House on 5 September 2008.

Original host Gay Byrne presented for nearly 40 years, holding out until the end of the millennium.

The latter tended to be far the weightier in content, as people who were directly connected with the defined topic sat in the audience.

Byrne would remain host for thirty-seven years, "retiring" at the close of the millennium (he "unretired" several times afterwards to present such programmes as The Meaning of Life and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Under Tubridy, first Quinn Group and then Sky Broadband (Seán Quinn having filed for bankruptcy) added sponsorship deals—after a sterile final season with Kenny at the helm. He was then a young Irish broadcaster working with Granada Television in Britain; while there he had become the first person to introduce The Beatles on television on People and Places.

The Late Late Show soon developed into a forum for contentious opinion and debate, involving topics such as divorce, contraception and a number of areas hitherto unspoken.

It is very definitely phallic in shape, carefully carved, and unequivocally sexual in nature – nothing like the bulky, medicalised, steam-powered massage-type instruments that appeared in the 1870s, or the “massager” patented a decade later by Dr J Mortimer Granville.

But though sex toys and erotica have been around in one form or another since Victorian times, Irish examples of any kind are rare.

You can see that because the level of detail is incredible, down to the folds of the skin.

There’s a heart carved at the base of it, where her finger would have been, and a receptacle in which she could keep a lock of his hair.” The man did return, and the box was subsequently custom-made in Ireland. She would have got the box carved for it – there’s a stamp on the lock with the name of an Irish locksmith,” Matthews says.

In 2012, a collection of 324 glass plates by the photographer Henry Pakenham Mahon, was uncovered at Strokestown Park demesne in Co Roscommon, including several explicit images of live models, cartoons, and classic nude paintings. “I’ve been at this 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like it.

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