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Because I know it can be difficult for new staff to come up with a good one.My staff have always gotten into it and the campers love it (even the parents think it’s neat).

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After all, it’s easier to distinguish between 3 male counselors know as Jedi, Sport and Possum then it is to have three counselors known by their real names of Mike, Mike and Mike (not to mention that it’s a lot more fun).

I want to thank Smudge, cedar trees, Indigo, campkgurl and goof_oak on the ACA message boards for helping me with this list as well as all those who have left comments allowing me to add their names.

He is the only one that works better when the team is under pressure.

Chikara Ennoshita (6): He plays opposite hitter and wing spiker, he is the most likely to be the next captain of the team, since he is like the most calmed and organized of the team.

So here’s one for you: A Catholic artist walks into a Baptist church.

The office folks of the Baptist church asks if he’s up for doing a commemorative poster to connect history with future, heritage with progress…The Catholic artist says YES! Well, maybe it’s not “ha-ha” funny, but it’s true nevertheless. I’m happy to say I got to work with some great people at a terrific church, and a we got to produce a unique, fun and really interesting poster.

Kei Tsukishima (11): He is the middle blocker and the tallest member of the team, he is a serious person, and his only friend seems to be Yamaguchi.

His play style is smart, and he is always watching and making strategies to counter the other team players.

Daichi Sawamura (1): He is the actual captain of Karasuno, he plays as an opposite hitter, and he is specialized in receive and pass the ball. Koushi Sugawara (2): He is the vice-captain, and the substitute setter, he has a calm attitude, and he is nice with everybody on the team, is like the mastermind behind Karasuno’s plays.

Asahi Azumane (3): He is one of the wing spikers, and the team’s ace, he have an intimidating look, but he is a goodie, sometimes is a little bit unconfident about his real skills.

This opportunity came up and I was luckily top of mind for her and the office folks.

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