Intimidating behaviour by neighbours

The last of the evening then took us to Old town, Victoria drive bowls club and Victoria gardens where nothing was seen in either area.In addition, there were no calls made to the Operation Blitz phone throughout the evening.On 22/02/2018 a burglary occurred on Dursley Road, Eastbourne, between the hours of 5.30pm and 10.45pm (Ref: 1379 22/02).

We started the evening in Ramsay Way and Aylesbury Avenue as recently this area has experienced damage to vehicles and a number of young people causing problems to some residents in the area.

The next location was Pevensey Bay Road and the Crumbles retail park.

We then continued heading to Hampden Park in particular the Veritek building and Woburn way - both areas that have recently experienced anti-social behaviour.

As we were patrolling two males were seen in Croxden way loitering near two bicycles, as we have had some recent bike thefts we stopped to check.

Both males proved that the bikes were theirs however they were found with a quantity of cannabis on them which was seized.

We then proceeded to West Rise School, which was then checked due to recent reports of people breaking into the shed and smoking cannabis.

Visit the Modern Slavery Helpline website for more information The Salvation Army can also help.

Call their 24 hour helpline: 0300 3038151 or visit the Salvation Army website.

The males were very honest and informed us that they had consumed cannabis.

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