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When a student disrupts to the extent that the class cannot continue, you might call a pause in the class and attempt to restore order by talking privately with the student or you might ask the student to stop, by saying “Please do not [and name specifically the behaviour that is a problem] again.

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In any potentially dangerous situation – for instance, if a student is acting violently, carrying any sort of weapon or threatening someone, call the Carleton Department of University Safety immediately extension 4444 or ask a student in the class to do so.

Carleton’s emergency number can be dialled free of charge from any Bell Canada phone on campus.

As well, red emergency telephones are located in all buildings.

Assess your physical teaching environment (class-room, lab, seminar room) prior to your first class, tutorial or demonstration.

The term disruptive behaviour does not have a legal meaning and is used to refer to a broad range of behaviour which adversely affects another person’s reasonable expectation to live and learn and work in a safe and respectful environment.

It is essential that instructors be able to conduct classes without disruption and that students are able to attend and participate in classes without disruption and intimidation.

Try to avoid saying “don’t disrupt the class” because students are unlikely to connect that to their behaviour. If the situation is not resolved with this approach, please ask the student to leave the classroom.

If the student refuses and the class continues to be disrupted, you may have to cancel the rest of the class.

This meeting will give you the opportunity to review your expectations of students in your class and indicate how the student’s behaviour is being disruptive.

Give the student the opportunity to explain their actions.

At Carleton University disruptive behaviour is an instructional offence.

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