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Two months later, he returned to prison for violating his parole after he was arrested for kidnapping a 13-year-old girl.After his release in June 1977, Alcala, now a registered sex offender, was granted permission by his parole officer to visit his girlfriend in New York and attend a photographer’s convention in Illinois.

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She had told a friend that the man was a photographer whom she had met on an unemployment line.

Police began searching for “John Berger,” after they found his name scribbled on Hover’s calendar the day she vanished.

When detectives asked him why he was near her apartment, Alcala responded that he was “probably walking around taking pictures.” He was asked to take a polygraph but refused. (The Bachelorette who chose Alcala later thought better of it and backed out of their date.)" data-reactid="44"In 1978, Hover's skeletal remains were found on the Rockefeller estate in North Tarrytown in Westchester County, New York, a few miles away from her family’s weekend home.

That same year Alcala, by now working as typesetter for the Los Angeles Times, appeared as Bachelor No. (The Bachelorette who chose Alcala later thought better of it and backed out of their date.)The following year, Alcala was arrested for the murder of Robin Samsoe, who disappeared on her way to her ballet class.

The information was passed on to investigators with the New York City Police Department, who figured out through the FBI that Berger was in fact Rodney Alcala.

Alcala, meanwhile, had returned to Los Angeles and told his parole officer that he had had a “good time” in New York.

A New Hampshire camp counselor spotted the notices and called police.

She remembered that in 1971, the FBI had arrested a camp employee named John Berger who was a photographer and wore his hair in a ponytail.

Many of them had been bitten and strangled slowly to forestall death.

All had been sexually assaulted." data-reactid="27"Those murders occurred between 19.

Rodney Alcala, California’s “Dating Game Killer,” has been indicted in the deaths of two New York City women in the 1970s. A New York grand jury has returned an indictment accusing California serial killer Rodney Alcala of the brutal rape and murder of two New York City women in the 1970s.

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