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There was obviously a gaming element to it, but it was more tech-focused. The first thing I did with them was covering a CES.

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It’s a lot of work, but if I’m having fun, it’s worth it. Ezarik: I originally studied graphic design and video production.

Games Beat: When you started out in this career, how did you view yourself? I had wanted to be a programmer — I loved development and coding — but it turned out that I really enjoyed doing the frontend more than backend development.

What kind of advice would you have based on what you’ve learned?

Ezarik: It’s finding people who already like your game, or who like things similar to it.

The two make an adorable couple, our tipster says, especially because they see eye to eye.

He estimates Ezarik's height at 5'1"; Fishner-Wolfson's not much taller, as his Stanford graduation photo shows.

Mobile is already here and it’s only going to become more important.

Believe it or not, but pesky "real life" activities plague even our favorite You Tubers. They even let in the competition: ubiquitous Facebooker Dave Morin is pictured here with i Justine, aka Justine Ezarik, the lifecasting personality, and, as commenter Bowen Dunlop Justine Ezarik is a pretty blond girl who calls herself "i Justine" and gets hundreds of thousands of hits on her You Tube videos of her doing completely irrelevant bullshit like shopping or telling boring stories to the camera, because of the fact that young men will generally watch pretty blond girls do anything, which then makes said girl popular, which then attracts young female viewers, who will watch popular girls do anything.

It’s amazing, getting to work with these brands, because you get to take your projects to another level.

Being supported by something to create content you’d make anyway makes it that much easier to create better things for your audience. Snapchat is just a daily thing that doesn’t necessarily matter.

Not that his stature matters: By dating Ezarik, he rises above thousands of jealous i Justine fanboys. Who will fill the hole soon-to-depart Mahalo Daily host Veronica Belmont left in Jason Calacanis's heart?

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