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bassam tawil, i sincerely hope that your name is a nom de guerre ("long name," perhaps?

Earlier this week, a Palestinian magistrate's court in Nablus, the largest Palestinian city in the West Bank, decided to refer the case of Abu Zeid to the PA's Grand Criminal Court.

Abu Zeid, who was arrested in August 2017 for 15 days, is facing charges over Facebook posts criticizing the Palestinian Authority.

A few weeks after Abbas approved the law, the Palestinian security forces summoned the chairman of the Palestinian Postal Service Workers' Union, Emad Temeiza, and interrogated him about posts he had published on Facebook.

Temeiza was forced to sign a document in which he pledged to delete the posts.

"The most troubling aspects of this document are its vague definitions of what constitutes a punishable offence, its extension of punishment to any individual who assists or agrees with what the decree considers a felony, and the clear attacks on dissenters, journalists and leakers.

The combination of the three means that an ever-increasingly authoritarian regime has the legal backing necessary to effectively crackdown on any form of digital dissent." The group pointed out that the Palestinian Authority has already used the new law to block 30 websites, most of which are associated with Abbas's political rivals, including Hamas and exiled Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan.

Palestinian journalists have decided to renew their campaign against the Palestinian Authority's assault on freedom of expression.

The decision came after the Palestinian Authority (PA) filed charges against journalist Tareq Abu Zeid, for "incitement" and "jeopardizing the security of the State of Palestine." Abu Zeid is the latest victim of a new Palestinian law targeting journalists and social media activists.

Article 4 of the law states: The same article states that if the "abuse" affects government data, the sentence shall be "a minimum of five years of temporary hard labor and will have to pay a fine of no less than five thousand Jordanian dinars..." Article 20 of the law states: The new law has drawn sharp criticism from Palestinian journalists and human rights organizations.

However, the Palestinian Authority has thus far chosen to ignore the criticism.

He was also told that he will remain under surveillance and that he may be summoned again, and charges may be brought against him at any time.

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