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The order also involved an option for a further 17,000 rifles.Deliveries were first made to the Bundeswehr's NATO Quick Reaction Force during the fourth quarter of 1997. In July 1998, it was announced that the G36 had been selected as the standard rifle for the Spanish Armed Forces, replacing the 5.56 mm CETME Model L and LC rifles. These rifles are manufactured in Spain under license by General Dynamics Santa Bárbara Sistemas at the FACOR (Fábrica de Armas de la Coruña) facility, in Coruña, Galicia.The barrel is fastened to the receiver with a special nut, which can be removed with a wrench.

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Selector settings are described with letters: "S"—safe ("Sicher"), "E"—semi-automatic fire ("Einzelfeuer") and "F"—continuous fire ("Feuerstoß").

HK also offers several other trigger options, including the so-called Navy trigger group, with settings analogous to the standard trigger, but the selector positions have been illustrated with pictograms.

An empty G36 magazine weighs 127 grams (4.5 oz) and filled with 30 rounds 483 grams (17.0 oz).

STANAG magazines cannot be normally used, but the G36 can use an adapter that will accept the STANAG.

Certain types of Beta C-Mags can also be used and are employed with the MG36 support variant.

The stock too is multifunctional; it has the ability to fold to one side, shortening the overall length of the weapon for use in tight areas or vehicles.

However, the G11 program came to an abrupt end when the Bundeswehr cancelled its procurement due to defence budget cuts after the unification of East and West Germany and H&K was acquired in 1991 by British Aerospace's Royal Ordnance division (known today as BAE Systems).

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