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It doesn't have to be adult, or even suggestive: pay cam businesses that display things as mundane as the everyday operations of a coffee shop exist and still turn a profit.

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After the introduction of HTML5, browsers natively support access to media devices, such as microphones and webcams, thereby offering better cross-browser support and an easy integration of this method.

In short, processing data from webcams and microphones are not treated as a specialty anymore, but becomes a common approach in web technology.

Scientists substitute pen and pencil questionnaires with online versions (e.g., Birnbaum, 2000; Gosling et al., 2000), record psychophysical data (e.g., Crump et al., 2013; Hilbig, 2015; Semmelmann and Weigelt, 2016), use twitter data to detect emotions in big data (Reips and Garaizar, 2011), or use web technology as an mediator of touch screen experiments (Frank et al., 2016; Semmelmann et al., 2016).

The advantages of online experimentation are numerous: fast, low-cost, and parallel data acquisition that is independent of time and location is paired with the ability to access special populations, who might not be able to participate in in-lab studies (Birnbaum, 2004).

Voyeurism is one of the biggests American pastimes of the 21st century.

Whether it's sitting in the park or turning on a reality television show, people love to watch other people; modern technology allows them to watch without being watched back.

Check whether the URL is available through a domain registration service such as Go Daddy or Mount cameras throughout your studio for a voyeur cam.

If it's not available, go back to the drawing board or contact the domain owner to negotiate a purchase. Make sure you have enough lighting to remain visible during operating hours, but avoid bright whites that will wash out the picture. Pay for a third-party service for minimal fuss, but if you are willing to make an investment and perform maintenance, set up your own server in a storeroom of your studio; this will minimize long-term cost and ensure you are in control of when the site is down for maintenance. His work appears in the "Bonney Lake-Sumner Courier-Herald" and the "Enumclaw Courier-Herald." During college, he co-produced a magazine with journalism students from Moscow State University in Russia.

Having access to a video recording device – the webcam of a computer – means that we can now deploy any paradigm of psychology that depends on having videos of the participant taken through online experimentation.

Instead of relying on the strict, time-, and cost-intensive nature of in-lab measurements, we are able to present psychological paradigms online and acquire the data from participants, who are at home, in front of their own computer.

Perhaps the purest distillation of voyeurism into a business model is the pay cam site.

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