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Thompson called the “high and beautiful wave” was getting ready to roll back. to ask for assistance in the ol’ love department:—but with Nora Ephron’s 1993 film about a widower whose son calls in to a radio show in an attempt to find him a new wife, he cemented himself as America’s favorite, well, person.

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Your uncle, or cube-mate might say, “That’s stupid. They talk about them differently than other movies, and they like to talk about them a lot. Who wouldn't want to dance on the beach in their underwear to Françoise Hardy? At the same time, they maintained a storybook sensibility, and somehow kept our sympathies with the lovelorn Cher, whose insipidness is overshadowed by her charity, loyalty, and genuine goodwill. to help you sort out what to do with the rest of your life: certainly a rom-com; it caused a bit of a row, in fact.

is obviously the best rom-com of all time.” And they may not be wrong. When the call went out, we heard from writers, editors, friends, moms, therapists, bartenders, people we hadn’t talked to since high school; the list goes on. We don’t have enough space here to get into exactly what makes a romantic comedy, but let’s agree that the fact it is not a tragedy or a history is not enough. We believe she deserves love, and if she gets smart enough to stop looking for it in the “right” places, we want her to find it.. Some of us believe that this movie is ultimately too sad to give the viewer the warm fuzzies they depend on this genre for.

Utterly contrived, but utterly charming, this quick, silly, funny film is pabulum superfood for anyone who believes in second chances and true love.. It has the unclassifiable, magnetic object of affection, the reliable underdog who pursues her, expectations dashed, new friendships formed, true selves discovered, and an undeniably racist portrayal of an Asian landlord (by Mickey Rooney).

Yes, it was a different era, but this detail can be difficult to ignore. to get past that one little (or gigantic) flaw: Cher plays a widowed bookkeeper in Brooklyn Heights confronting her parents’ infidelity (and fallibility) who—whoops!

That said, there are generations of viewers who consider this the greatest rom-com of all time.. —falls for her fiancé’s younger brother (Nicolas Cage), who sports a prosthetic wooden hand after an accident with a bread slicer.

Their first night together produces one of the great moments in the annals of rom-coms: When Cage tells Cher he loves her, she slaps him, saying “Snap out of it!As much as we all want to avoid that tired old cliché, it's going to happen. And if you think you’re going to get through Valentine’s Day without it happening, you’re wrong. (Note: Hoffman might have been playing 21 when he said this line, but the actor was 29; Anne Bancroft, the supposedly senior Mrs.Robinson, was all of 35.) Oft-quoted, ripped off, referenced, and discussed, Mike Nichols’s 1967 romp through Braddock’s postcollegiate uncertainties was released a few months after the Summer of Love, as the counterculture had peaked and what Hunter S.” The film portrays a New York that doesn’t really exist anymore—for one thing, Brooklyn Heights is full of bankers now. to make you even more neurotic about your love life:, this is one of those movies that any list of top rom-coms would be remiss without.

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