Hiv positive gay male dating site

For a much different view of unprotected sex among gay men, check out my more recent post, “Your Mother Liked It Bareback.” For more about bareback sex and its place in gay male culture, check out “Is ‘Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend the Most Important Gay Porn Film Ever Made?

His knowledge on HIV treatment is stellar, so if you have any interest in eastern approaches, his blog would be an excellent start.

Just hours after Sheen told Matt Lauer on Today that he has had the virus for 'roughly four years' and informed all of his sexual partners since that time, the actor's former girlfriend Bree Olson made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show telling a very different story.

Research indicates that the tactic may have value in containing the spread of HIV, but as you might guess, it isn’t so effective when it comes to HIV negative gay men who attempt to serosort amongst themselves.

People who claim to be negative are often wrong, misinformed or simply lying.

If you’d like a frank demonstration on using the appliance for anal sex, check out my video from AIDS2010 in Vienna with Wendy of The Pleasure Project (right).

She leaves no question unanswered, and trust me, I ask them all. Mike Barr has returned to the pages of POZ Magazine, or at least to their web site, as a blogger on the topic of Traditional Chinese Medicine and HIV/AIDS.It’s fun and witty and has great information and I hope you’ll check it out.There’s a lot in the news about marketing the female condom to gay men.A recent study found that 75 percent of new hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections in HIV-positive men occurred in those with no history of injection drug use (IDU) — the more typical transmission route for HCV. In the video, I play devil’s advocate with the sex club’s host about the risks of unprotected sex, and what it means to community and to our personal values.Everywhere on the gay hook-up radar, positive men are asking, telling, and serosorting.In this video blog (the video, above, is PG rated but the language is explicit), I revisit the tour and get an update from Bill about the strong reaction to the original video, which includes a frank conversation on barebacking, the risk of other STD’s, and serosorting.

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