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The frantic Scottish kid made me rewind again and again.While I agree that the "landlord" character could have been over the top, his reaction to Johnny flailing on the floor made me laugh out loud.

Due to pollution, Los Angeles survivors live underground, as do other cities’ survivors. Cool little nightmare flick that probably could happen one day a couple of hundred years or more from now, at which point if it does, who cares?

With Gene Barry, Barry Sullivan, Edmond O' Brien, Joan Crawford, Sharon Farrel, and more!

It provokes thought, it is drama, and it is beautiful.

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The two characters are really barely distinguishable but that one is a dandy and the other has a fondness for the gutter.

As the poster-hanger beats the crap out of our anti-hero you can't help but laugh.

John Carradine has a small role as a retired Judge who gives the kids advice. They decide to leave the shelter, and encounter an apocalyptic world. (71) MFTV movie from "The Name of the Game" TV series. Publisher Glenn Howard is returning in his car from the Sierra Pines Conference on world ecological issues.

It is a smoggy day, and his car exhaust backs up in his car and he passes out! When he awakes he discovers a time warp has transported him from 1971 to 2017!

A group of people seek safe haven called "Neon City" after a solar disaster, created accidentally by the military, decimates the earth.

They board an armored truck, piloted by a brute named ' Bulk' played by Lyle Alzado (who died a year after at age 43).

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