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Hemp protein has similar nutritional values to meat, milk or eggs.Unlike whey protein, it doesn't cause bloating and is really easy to digest partly because it contains the highest amount of "edestin" of all plant proteins.Do people sometimes misunderstand hemp and associate it with coffee shops in Amsterdam?

Glynis was keen to get involved with a business that made 'real stuff' to complement her more nebulous business of making films – and what could be more real than food, she says. She got to know him from the film world and he has long been a supporter.

Having read about the amazing qualities of hemp for food and health and recognising that no one else was making hemp for the mainstream market, she simply thought 'why don't we? When she and husband Henry told him that they were planning a film to tell people about the business, he agreed to do the voice for them, for which she is immensely grateful.

Glynis Mc Cants has been studying Numerology for over 21 years.

Her unique method is based on the Pythagoras Number system, which is more than 2,500 years old.

But mostly, she says people are aware that hemp is a great food and although it does derive from the same plant as cannabis, theirs is a food variety which has no THC (the psychoactive stuff) at all. All their neighbours in Devon know about their hemp growing business, she says, but there was a time once when one of their neighbours needed some fuel for a local bonfire event they were organising and asked to use some of their old bales of hemp straw.

Even though the hemp has no narcotic properties at all, the straw does indeed smell very similar to that of marijuana when it burns – and as the bonfire began to burn, there were quite a few people looking at one another – wondering if they were smelling something that reminded them of their distant past, she laughs.' I love the animated film on your website about the company. "He has such an authoritative and well-loved voice," she says. "We took a while to find the right key products to compliment Good Oil and start to build a brand, but now we have the Oil, the Milk and the Protein," she says.Over the last three years they've grown consistently – an increase in sales of 30pc each year, a £1m-plus turnover and, she says, they are profitable.Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall have both been long time admirers of her Good Oil and she recalls having to deliver several cases of Good hemp milk to a grand hotel in London for the use of Cher when she was last in town.For someone who's used to being surrounded by film stars, this is still a pretty good claim to fame.It's a small, niche business but with heavyweight friends and fans, such as former Waitrose MD Steven Esom who is on their board and Stephen Fry, who can be heard narrating their the video on their website telling the Good story.

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