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But whatever you do, don’t make a big Broadway production of it.Don't be like that couple that sat right next to me (when there were plenty of other spots around, might I add) who started grunting, screaming, hair-flipping, and nudging me in the side throughout their ride toward climax.

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I'm not anything close to a swinger or fetishist (though I have a shoe collection that begs to differ); but I learned enough to share with you eight tips for surviving a sex club of your own.

Berlin nightclubs are infamous for strict door policies, and this famous sex club was no exception.

And seriously, bring your boyfriend or girlfriend to the sex club.

There were plenty of couples, from 20-somethings to people in their mid-40s, being totally in love (OK, lust), roving around with eyes only for each other.

To get in, there are two choices: dress up or dress down. That’s how I ended up with my whole ass hanging out of a see-through lace number (a first for outside my bedroom).

At the door, the bouncer told me to ditch either my lingerie bodysuit or jeans.

The website calls for latex, leather, costumes, uniforms, and glam evening wear. But I did see a few women in normal tops and pants.

My boyfriend also got in wearing jeans and a shirt.

) I ran into all kinds of delightful, unsavory characters by walking around, like an Amazonian in red latex who handcuffed a man to a cage. In this situation, there’s no such thing as being an eager beaver (sorry, just had to).

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