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But Karl Lagerfeld, who I have met a few times and is a lovely man and is certainly brilliant and intelligent, he’s actually stated once that he loves my voice and my work, but that I am the worst dressed man on the planet. I don’t think I care so much about it, and that’s what makes it fun. I talked to your sister recently, and we also discussed the impact of the death of your mother, and how both of you are dealing with that in song.

[Laughs] But I wouldn’t call him the most adventurous type either. Is the plan that you will regularly perform some of her music on stage in your sets?

We've been asking people what their spirit animal is, and I wondered if she was your spirit animal in some way? Which has been interesting, because you can't help get roped in to Hollywood, even when you go to the barber and get your haircut.

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We’re now promoting this fantastic album, , and a large portion of the proceeds go to the Kate Mc Garrigle Fund for cancer research. I think my mother was one of the greatest songwriters of her era, and she is under appreciated and deserves a higher position in the pantheon of music and lyrics. There’s been quite a few gay-themed operas that have been created and produced in the last couple of years.

Martha and I feel it’s our mission, not to mention that we own the publishing rights as well, so it’s a practical reason. I know you’ve been commissioned to write your second.

I think it's better that people can feel like they can partake in this gargantuan event and people want to learn about this stuff. I like performing: I like sitting up there and making people happy. I admire her and have a slight crush on her as well. Jorn and I get her some times in the summer and certain holidays.

I strongly feel that it's the only way the opera world will survive, if they open up and invite everybody in to the party. I was also curious: In the concert, you put on a paper Helena Bonham Carter mask on for a bit and I wondered what it was about her. You know, what I love most about her is she's whip smart, so intelligent. Besides being a fantastic actress and fantastic beauty, she's also really witty, intelligent, and kooky broad. I also try to go to LA as much as I can so I can spend as much time as possible.

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The singer discusses his latest (gay) opera commission, why Helena Bonham Carter inspires him, and the reason performing with 'slutty straight boys' was a perfect antidote to a heavy period of his life.

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