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Olivier ran for the Liberals in the June 2014 provincial election, but placed second to Cimino, who gained the seat held for 19 years by retired Liberal MPP and cabinet minister Rick Bartolucci.“I will not be bullied.

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Inquiries led officers to arrest Moriarty at an address in Market Hill, Sudbury, on December 27 last year.

Moriarty admitted he’d been uploading pictures he had taken of children in the street onto a Russian website and that he had a sexual interest in girls under 12.

When police experts examined computer equipment belonging to Moriarty they found more than 6,000 indecent images of children including 480 in the most serious level A category, 501 level B images and 5,242 images in the lowest level C category.

Catherine Bradshaw, for Moriarty, said her client recognised that the offences crossed the custody threshold.

Judge Howard Borenstein took the rare step of dismissing the Election Act case against the pair for lack of evidence‎ in a directed verdict before any defence witnesses were called.

The finding of not guilty lifts a cloud of suspicion hanging over Patricia Sorbara, former deputy chief of staff to Premier Kathleen Wynne, and local Liberal organizer Gerry Lougheed for more than two years.

(The Canadian Press) Lougheed called the decision a “great relief” but said he is “absolutely” soured on party politics for now. is obviously a complete vindication, but also raises questions about why they prosecuted this matter to begin with, this misguided police investigation, misguided decision by the Crown to carry through,” he added. The dramatic ruling followed an application from defence lawyers for a directed verdict after the Crown finished presenting its case.

He and lawyer Michael Lacy said they will take time to think of their next legal steps with “all options” on the table.“The judge found today there was no evidence at all to support this case,” Lacy told reporters.“This . Citizens should be “wondering why this case, the money that went into this case, why it was wasted on the investigation and wasted on this prosecution.“Obviously it’s a very happy day for Gerry, but it’s a day that never should have been.”Crown prosecutors did not comment after the verdict that Greenspan described as a “total exoneration.“These charges ought never to have been brought . The defence argued evidence from witnesses in court last month showed Thibeault had agreed to become the candidate before Sorbara and Lougheed approached Olivier with opportunities to stay involved in the party after he was passed over, meaning there was no official nomination race.

It’s the second time Lougheed has been cleared following an Ontario Provincial Police investigation.

Criminal charges against the wealthy local funeral home owner and philanthropist were stayed in 2016, several months before the lesser Election Act charges were laid against him and Sorbara. Moments after the verdict, Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown, whose party has been airing attack ads on the Sudbury trial, maintained “this is a scandal-ridden government” despite the acquittals.“To celebrate that they managed to avoid a guilty verdict in one of them is not a celebration,” said Brown, who was recently served with a notice of libel from Wynne for claiming she was on “trial”in Sudbury.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says she wanted to take the witness stand Sept.

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