Frustrated dating

Users took to social media to complain and joke about missing dates. "@gavinlynn1990 tweeted: "My tinder is not working, this is seriously getting on the way of my search for a future bride."Others proved a little more dramatic, as one Twitter user based in New Zealand said: "Earthquakes, flooding and Tinder is broken.

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Just like “what goes up must come down,” try as you might, you can’t avoid or change the principle that “like attracts like.”Most people find their ultimate love through someone they know, so don’t be a lone ranger (another dating trap!

) and lean on your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to assist you to meet potential partners.

Starting to think these girls might be ignoring me #thanksinadvance"In total 26 million matches are made each day on Tinder with more than 10 billion matches created since the app was launched in 2012.

It currently has around seven million monthly users.

Friends are easier to find than dates, and friendships often last longer than romantic relationships!

Too many singles lead isolated lives centered around work, home, and a few friends.

I think most people here are either on a rampage of I want to date as may women as I can, or lie about where they leave so they can hook up!

I have found it extremly difficult to find an intelligent, self respecting guy in the entire city.

Since most people find their ultimate love through someone they know, be open to developing new friendships and expanding your support community.

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