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My friendship with Jen endured the four years of college distance and was stronger than ever.When she encouraged me to move to New York City after college graduation, I listened.Beautiful collection romantic love poems well famous quotes, friendship poems, etc afi years. Falling For You quotes Being In Love With Your Best Friend quotes Hurt Feelings quotes Disappointed Love. Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back Love Dignity Breakup Ecards Free Breakup Cards Funny Breakup Greeting Cards Someecards Your gift wrapping is almost as fast and sloppy as your foreplay Quotes about friends dating your ex x Quotes about friends.

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I was a year older than Jordan (a cougar even at age 17), and left for college in Boston when September rolled around.

Although I had convinced myself that our love really was as strong as Savage Garden described in “I Knew I Loved You,” we only made it as far as winter break. and the first person to befriend me in gym class when I changed schools at the beginning of 8th grade.

In the midst of our summer revelry, Jordan’s new girl had broken things off with him.

We had settled in to a new friendship and things were back to where they were before we dated.

Facebook was barely out of the gate, smart phones didn’t exist yet, and if you had asked someone about tweeting, they probably would have thought it was a sexual act they hadn’t heard of before.

There were really only two options: phone or e-mail.He had just started dating someone and I respected that.I was happy to have him back in my life, even if it wasn’t romantically.The next few weeks were a blur of bars and watching the sun rise from tar roof tops with my best friend.It was an amazing summer and Jen was getting over her terrible breakup.He broke up with me in a mall parking lot and I remember that I actually thought the world was going to end while I waited for my dad to pick me up at Barnes and Noble. Jen* was the quirky, gothic yin to my insecure, Abercrombie-wearing yang . We were an odd pair, our own version of Rayanne and Angela, but we were best friends through thick and thin.

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