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You can support Sissy Kiss by letting them know you found Romantasy through Sissy Kiss.~ Christie Luv "Time to wake up sleepyhead..." she cooed softly as she rubbed his back, before gently rolling him onto it.

He couldnt remember the last time she had been so nice in waking him up, heck he couldnt remember the last time she was no nice to him at all.

But he didnt fuss, he obeyed, it was always easy to obey and please mommy and maybe this was the fruits of his labors, maybe just maybe¦she would start taking it easier on him, god he would just love to cum! What were you so lost in thought about anyway, hhmm?

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Not even he could remember, it seemed like Sissy was the most common name he was called out of all them.

Sissy crawled behind his mommy like she taught him, close enough to kiss her heels if she so desired.

He had long learned when she was looking for a response and when she wasnt.

Of course the simple rule was if he had his Binky in his mouth, he wasnt supposed to speak at all.  She asked teasingly as she slid the tray in place.

Of course, this was all part of his life now, the constant and endless spiral of being aroused and turned on at being a humiliated sissy baby, whose only purpose was to be humiliated and punished anyway that pleased his mommy.

She would also remind him constantly that this was something he always wanted. Someone has a really full and stinky diaper, this morning!

Normally she was grumpy and not very pleasant in the mornings.

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