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Markoff was the son of a successful dentist in upstate New York. He had no record of the slightest criminal wrongdoing.

At the State University of New York at Albany he had excelled, taking a degree in biology.

After beating her on the head, the man fired three shots at her, one of which passed through her heart.

She too had advertised on Craigslist, and set up a meeting with a customer.

But this time, when he attacked, Julissa fought back – and paid for her bravery with her life.

The near-identical circumstances of the two attacks left scant doubt that the same man was responsible, transforming a relatively mundane hotel robbery into a glossy real-life film noir, featuring call girls, upmarket hotels and an internet site where paid sex was marketed and where a killer – young, white and personable – chose his victims.

And just two days later, on 16 April, came a third attack that followed the same pattern.

On 10 April, a man responded to her invitation to "spend some time with a sweet blonde" and they agreed to meet half an hour later.

Taking her standard security precautions before such assignations, Trisha met her client in the lobby, and saw nothing to worry about.

She too was held at gunpoint and tied up – but this time the assailant fled when her husband arrived on the scene.

The man was described as a tall white male with blond hair, and police made the connection with the two Boston hotel attacks almost instantly.

No sooner had the door closed behind them than her client – "a tall, good-looking guy", Leffler said later – pulled out a gun and, after tying her hands, asked for her money.

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