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Lisa has authored over a dozen academic research articles and a textbook on the sociology of gender. We will require credit card information when you place the order. As with all web or phone orders, we can hold your book for in-store pickup, or ship it anywhere in the country. She also actively contributes to media, writing extensively for non-academic audiences and appearing on television and radio.

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This is a part of Section 230 that is often misunderstood or ignored, but is super important.

It's the part that says that you don't lose your Section 230 protections if you do moderate any content on your website.

And after careful consideration, we are convinced that the "publisher or speaker" language of section 230(c)(1) extends to the formulation of precisely the sort of website policies and practices that the appellants assail. In Lycos, we considered the argument that the prophylaxis of section 230(c) did not encompass "decisions regarding the 'construct and operation'" of a defendant's websites. There, the plaintiffs alleged that Lycos permitted users to register under multiple screen names and provided links to "objective financial information" from a finance-related message board, thus enabling "individuals to spread misinformation more credibly." Id. We noted that, at bottom, the plaintiffs were "ultimately alleging that the construct and operation of Lycos's web sites contributed to the proliferation of misinformation" and held that as long as "the cause of action is one that would treat the service provider as the publisher of a particular posting, immunity applies not only for the service provider's decisions with respect to that posting, but also for its inherent decisions about how to treat postings generally." Id. In short, "Lycos's decision not to reduce misinformation by changing its web site policies was as much an editorial decision with respect to that misinformation as a decision not to delete a particular posting." And thus, the court finds that clearly is a publisher and protected by Section 230.

The lawsuit also tries to get around Section 230 by really trying to twist the so-called "Good Samaritan" clause of Section 230.

They argued that based on the way Backpage is set up, in terms of what it allows or disallows for posting, how it allows people to post anonymously, how it strips metadata from photographs and more, makes it different from a standard "publishing" platform.

This is a pretty common attack on Section 230, claiming that it does more than a publisher and thus isn't protected.An intelligent, sympathetic, and unflinching analysis of hookup culture, interweaved with intimate narratives from those living in it." —Cordelia Fine, author of Lisa Wade, Ph D, is a professor of sociology at Occidental College. While we can't guarantee fulfillment of a signed book pre-order, our authors are almost always able to sign extra books to fulfill such orders. Unless otherwise noted, we are happy to take requests for the author to sign your book to a specific person, but we can't guarantee it. We'll be selling books at the event, and nearly all of our events include a signing at the end of the talk. She is an accomplished scholar and award-winning teacher with degrees in philosophy, human sexuality, and sociology. If you do get a personalized inscription, the book will be non-returnable. Do I have to pick it up in the store, or can you deliver my signed book? Last year, however, Backpage won a big case in Massachusetts in May, but then lost one in Washington in September.(Separately, it won a different case going after Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart for meddling and getting credit card companies to stop supporting -- the company just asked the lower court to dismiss what's left of that case).She discovers that the most privileged students tend to like hookup culture the most, and she considers its effects on racial and sexual minorities, students who “opt out,” and those who participate ambivalently.

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