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This weeks headlines include "Robot Beauties in China conning men out of 0 million" and "What your digital life says about your love life".

Life expectancy is steadily increasing, meaning many Australians can look forward to an extended retirement.

Simon Schulz, manager of Schulz organic farms told Chris on Perth Tonight that due to public interest he plans to automate the recycling process of his re-usable glass bottles to potentially refill 10,000 bottles a week -which would save around 500 kilos of plastic weekly. Pharmacist and Home Health Expert Cara Little spoke to Chris about the psychology of cleaning and why we should be thinking about what we put ON our bodies as much as what we put into them.

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SHINE LAWYERS EMPLOYMENT LAW EXPERT Each week, technology guru Ben Aylett of shares the latest news and answers your questions relating to all things digital!

This week Ben spoke about Robo-Jackeroos, podcasts and a multi-million dollar bitcoin loss.

John Langoulant's report, WA Nationals comments on Barnaby Joyce, Nick Xenophons advertising campaign and the secret probe of the City of Perth CEO were on tonights agenda.

The rise of the #metoo movement has seen women worldwide sharing their experiences of sexual harassment and abuse – particularly in the entertainment industry.

On Perth Tonight Relationship Expert Melissa Ferrari gave Chris some tips on how to help your relationship survive retirement.

On Perth Tonight Chris spoke to Geoscience Australia structural engineer Mark Edwards.

Retirement can be a difficult transition for a number of reasons not least because you’re suddenly spending a lot more time with your partner.

When in days gone you may have had some respite in work suddenly find the routine is disrupted as one or both of you find yourselves struggling to fill more free time.

On Perth Tonight Chris Ilsley asked you where you were in 1968 when the earthquake rocked Meckering at am on Monday the 14th of October?

Maria told Chris she was working at the Northam telephone exchange which prompted Maureen - who was the officer in charge of the telephone exchange in Northam at the time - to call.

Chris spoke to the Chief Executive of Councils on the Aging (COTA) national peak body Ian Yates about the proposed plan.

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