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Only problem is it is now almost and i still don' t feel awake! i also get terrible migraines and at some point Trepiline work for a short-while, so is it still safe for me to continue? I am on tripiline which helps with pain,but om G, i hate being fat!

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Hi Doc I went to the Doctor yesterday for the third time to help with a neck spasm i have been having. I have been put on trephine several time for neuralgia pain and had severe side effects vertigo nausea etc. very happy with my friend Trippie :o) Reply to Anonymous hi, I read a lot or negative stuff.. I've been on Trepiline since I can remember (for headaches and tension) and I also use it for a good nights rest... I would wake up every morning with a headache, or a start to a headache.

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I did not notice that it start as a result of the Trepeline but when I red all the comment I start to take the trepeline away. I drink tablets at 20hoo in the evening ,by 20h30 I feel drowsy and go to sleep.

I am know of the trepeline and my lrg without the nerve damage is feeling must better. I fall asleep fast but the after abou 2 hours I keep on waking up for no reason during the night. When I wake up in the morning I am irritated ,moody ,tired and this is putting a strain on my family at home.

Today I had a gastroscope done and the doctor found there's a constriction in my throat and it may point to Barretts Oesophagus or sleep apnea. I am really concerned about the side effects and even more so now that I have read the many negative comments on this website.

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