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I’m serious – Short-E will show you all the secrets of being able to scratch including how to develop ‘deliberate practice’.

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The scratch teaching process is well thought out, linear and very easy to follow, being able to build on learnt skills. As each lesson is broken down into its incremental parts so is the course as a whole.

Learning to do one scratch, then another then leads on to developing various combos.

Each lesson provides users with extended break downs of each scratch (i.e the chirp or flare scratches) in slow and manageable pieces.

The lesson will then go on to develop the scratch showing users what you should be heading for in terms of sound with the understanding that each person brings their own sound and swing to each cut.

Whilst there is no shortcut to this process, what makes all the difference is having the scratch techniques and ways to practice them .

Whether you have no idea how to begin scratching or if you’re struggling to make progress, I share what I’ve learned throughout the past 16 years during my 1000’s of hours of scratching.

“It’s a very, very strong, hard accent and you’ve got to know it inside out,” Thompson says. And I live in Scotland as well as London so I hear it a lot.”She’s now spending time in New York City filming Noah Baumbach’s upcoming indie movie (in theaters Sept.

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I demystify the art and help you start scratching as simply as possible.

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