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Cadence typed in one of her old favorites knowing it always got her off quickly and that she didn't have much time.

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When she picked up the little yellow sticky note it surprised her.

"There will be someone coming by around 1 to drop off our new washing machine.

She was horny and couldn't deny herself that these two older men were attractive and did not help her desperate situation.

As she looked up when she neared the bottom of the staircase she noticed both men had turned and were staring at her as she descended the steps, specifically at her bouncing tits. I mean you deserve it, carrying out with my mother's ridiculous request to carry that thing up a flight of stairs." She stated politely, knowing her mother would blow up on her for not using more manners toward these hard-working men. Kitchen it is." The taller man, who seemed to be in charge agreed.

She was standing on her tippy toes reaching with her arm at full extension when the tall man pressed himself right against her.

Cadence was pinned against the counter as he reached past her and easily grabbed one cup after another.

Cadence quickly turns off the video and wipes her hands on her pant leg hoping what she was just doing would not be noticeable.

Cadence rose quickly from her place on the couch and skipped over to the door opening it wide to come face to face with two older men and a large cardboard box.

Cadence ended up choosing a purple and white ombre crop top that clung to her as if she were wearing a second skin and a pair of black leggings.

Slowly emerging back from her room she walked to the kitchen to read the dreaded list of chores or so called "note" from her mother.

Cadence always thought the picture was both beautiful and sexy.

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