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So you can receive SMS messages, but how do you text them back? The downside is that the site is not mobile friendly and there’s no app, making it practically useless unless you’re sitting in front of a computer.There are several services online that allow you to chat by SMS with someone in the Philippines free or cheaply. This is an online service where can buy cheap SMS credits, currently 100 for .75, and text anyone in the Philippines on any network. If you keep the page open, you can read their message there, or if you close it you’ll get the reply by email. is another service allowing you to chat by text with Filipinos.I’m not sure if this is based on the number of texts you send, or the number of replies you get, probably the later.

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In addition to dating chat sites, Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Line, Viber, and several others have been around for years.

But those won’t do you much good if your lady doesn’t have regular Internet access.

In the Philippines, chat websites and apps are the most common methods of communication.

We all know the usual ways of chatting with someone online.

There are a handful other services that allow you to text to the Philippines for free, but none of these allow you to reply. I only ever used them when I ran out of Chikka credits.

The SMS chat methods listed above will work with any cell phone, even the cheapest.

A much, much faster way that your Filipina friend can chat with you is by using Skype, Facebook Messenger, or any of the dozens of other chat apps.

These require an Internet connection, but in the Philippines that’s not as expensive as it may seem.

Both Smart and Globe offer devices with affordable plans.

This is a good options if you’re still communicating through dating chat sites, but if you’re talking much it’s time to upgrade to a better system.

The Philippines is fortunate to have a number of low-cost local cell phone brands.

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