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‼️READ BEFORE CONTACTING ME‼️ 🚫🚫 i am NOT in your city! 💎I love Voyeurism & Dirty talk 💎Fetish, dom, lingerie, requests & more!

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I spent a LOT of time in strip clubs many years ago when I travelled but I (almost) always told my w.

Lap dances were too personal for me but many guys got them.

Others allow some contact Lap dances go from just dancing in front and simulating grinding on your lap but not touching, to actually grinding.

Those that do grind know exactly what they're doing and don't let anyone finish. So the interaction really varies all over the place.

For instance, if I tell you I want to push you against the wall and strip off your clothes (in a sweet/sexy way), I’m definitely sexting.

If you answer with a hot picture and inviting reply, then we are officially sexting and it’s getting hot!

Your smartphone has even become the ultimate wingman, putting you in touch with the world, meeting new people for a chat, or even a hookup and possibly infusing some spice into your sex life…Adult Phone Sites have been taken to a whole new level by introducing a new trend in sexy exchanges.

The word Sexting is a combination of sex and texting and it can be lots of fun when practiced with respect and consent.

Sexting can promote intimacy when done responsibly between mutually enjoyed parties.

It is the ultimate form of foreplay as it involves complicity in sharing fantasies and partaking in the explicit dirty chat, it’s amateur phone sex taking a whole new direction.

Sexting, phone sex & video chat are completely normal and healthy act enabling users to send sexy pictures and dirty messages while still leave something to the imagination.

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