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In John’s case, he’s going to click on the “Brand or Product” page, and scroll down to where it says “website”. Keep in mind for SEO purposes that the first word will have more sway in Google than the other words in your title.

This is where you enter the name of your website or product promotion, remembering to keep it short and snappy. In this example, John could choose Dating with Love-Nest to be effective. The first one is dealing with creating your about section.

For SEO purposes this is a great place to put keywords, but don’t just list them.

In this info-packed lesson, you will learn how to become a social media affiliate super star.

Social media is where people from every corner of the globe connect on the Internet, so it’s important to spread the word that your site or affiliate offer is what they need to be looking at!

In Johns case he might put, “Love-Nest is here to help you find romance with your bird-of-a-feather!

Get a date at Then simply enter your website name below, and answer the question, is your page topic a real business product or brand?

For the purposes of this walk-through I won’t do this yet, although there is a section about Facebook Ads a little later in the lesson. Once your page has reached 25 “Likes” you get the option of creating a custom “Vanity” URL.

Search engines put weight on URLs, so keep it relevant by reflecting the name of your brand or affiliate website.

(Refer to video above at for screen-cast demonstrating this process) If you don’t have a Facebook page already, you’ll be wondering how to get started.

Don’t worry, it’s fast and easy to set up your very own page, and I’m here to run you through it.

Ultimately, you end up with a ripple effect, which starts at your page and spreads, reaching a multitude of relevant people.

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