Exclusive dating club

GC guests enjoy a touch of luxury, stimulating sensual music and thought-provoking live performances while being surrounded by temperature-raising bikini-clad hostesses throughout the night.

Couples and ladies from around the world come to our various adult parties to spice up their sex lives, feel the chemistry, and explore the connections they make.

We welcome you to join us on our experimental and exciting journey.

APPLY Together the three of us, happily married couple Gin (right) and Lo (middle) with our close friend Justyna, founded the Ginandlo Club boutique community.

If you’d like to be a performer, you can apply here.

We’ll just stick to porn and a self-love sesh in our room by candlelight.

The application requires photos of yourself, and asks about your name, occupation, the SNCTM members you know, and your sexual desires.

Only applicants deemed to be a good fit for the SNCTM society will go through to the next phase.

The London events are set for 26 May and 26 August 2018, at secret locations likely to be homes owned by super-rich British people who are already members of the club.

Founder Damon Lawner told The Sun: ‘I think these might be some of the best parties we show.

How about trying your luck at getting into a super exclusive sex club? It’s just ‘sanctum’ with the vowels removed) is a super swanky erotic club for all the cool people in LA. Women can buy a ticket or volunteer to be performers, whereas men will need to be full-time members.

It hosts secret parties filled with sexual experimentation, erotic theatre, burlesque performances. Once you’re in you can engage in the erotic goings-on, get it on with your partner or guest with the performances as the backdrop, or just sit back and watch.

‘For a lot of these people – who have everything and have done everything…

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