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Their chemistry was so evident that some began speculating the two might be off-camera lovers.The 25-year-old quickly killed those rumors by revealing to the Belfast Telegraph that kissing Harington wasn't exactly the sexiest moment in her life: "We became good friends before we ever had to shoot a real love scene, because for most of the movie it's all stolen glances.(Sorry to burst bubbles, but Nutter confirmed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that Snow is most assuredly not coming back).

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Or will the fans have to accept that the chemistry of Harington and Clarke are simply for show?

Given the fact that "Game Of Thrones" season 7 is not focused on the love story of its characters, fans who want to see Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke in romantic scenes may have to manage their expectations to avoid disappointments.

Despite claims that Clarke and Harington are being cautious because of their conflicting schedules, neither party has confirmed they are actually in a relationship, but fingers everywhere remain crossed because they'd make a super-cute pair. All we know right now is that she sometimes has red hair, which may or may not make her his type, and that both she and Harington were spotted having dinner together in Toronto way back in 2013, when a Twitter user was able to post a photo with them and ignite a bit of fun gossip.

A few things immediately shut down this rumor: Mc Adams is linked to everyone, Harington was reportedly dating Leslie at the time, and — most importantly — the two were having dinner with a group of friends.

"But you can see those two are on a collision course with romance." We're not sure what that last part means, but it could be referring to a possible love triangle involving Emilia, Kit and Cory Michael Smith whom Clarke met on the set of a Broadway play last summer.

Smith and Clarke were reportedly getting serious...until she left to shoot the new season of . Harrington was previously linked to Go T actress Rose Leslie but we don't blame for changing things up.

films all over the world, so Kit and Emilia reportedly have difficulty squeezing in time with one another.

"He's usually in Iceland or Ireland while she films in Morocco or Croatia," says Emilia's friend.

However, the constant rumors about Harington and Clarke dating have reportedly been a source of petty fights between the couple.

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