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Anyway, as shows go, it ain't so bad, and those are some quality tracks, for sure, a well rounded list of some of the finest mashups of the era. I did continue to produce intermittent half-hour shows for 91x for a few months but they were almost entirely rearranged and recycled old Sixx Mixxez; I'll look around the hard drive and if any seem to be worth posting I'll get them up.

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I love the Lionel Vinyl combo of Azzido da Bass and Dire Straits, and my silly Green Day/Depeche Mode thing is pretty funny. Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug (Jack Dangers Remix) 9. Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds (DFA Remix) Commentary: So as I said below, Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age were scheduled to appear on a Friday a few weeks earlier, so I made a special all NIN/QOTSA Sixx Mixx to play that day. To me, the whole thing was both a joke and not a joke, a weird combo of parody and tribute and rebuke and makeover, and I still hear that now, listening to it. Various gigs took me to off the beaten path areas from tiny medieval hamlet Olargues to the Festival Francofolies in La Rochelle (on Bastille Day, bien sur). Regarding historical accuracy, I'm not sure of the exact dates this happened, but I had produced an all Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age episode to play the night of their planned Bay Area show (which I'm guessing was either 10/21 or 10/28). My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult – Sex On Wheels 3. Trans-X – Lovemakers on Video (Matt Hite mashup) 4.

Actually, considering the episode goes from about 80 to like 150 bpm, it's solid all the way. Justin Timberlake – Head Like a Rock (Party Ben mashup) 5. Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows (UNKLE Remix) 8. Team9 did the heavy lifting, producing all the other tracks, and I really think they're stellar, especially the opener which is a rollicking tour de force of sampladelic mayhem. (I even did a guest half-hour episode for Zebra's similar Sixx Mixx-inspired Oui FM Friday show). If I was the boss, I would have said, "Good job, let's do more of this," but six (-ish) more episodes later, the exact opposite would be said. Gorillaz – Do You Dare To (Token Cool Kid mashup) 2.

Kicking off, I still enjoy the chug of Deep Purple over the stomp of the Gorillaz beat, and while segues in this episode are often quick slams, there are clever little tricks all along the way to keep the flow going.

It sticks to a sort of "cavalcade-of-mashups" theme, centered on the rock and roll, without getting too samey or dull; plus it's bracketed by debuts of early versions of two of my own productions that would become fan favorites.

Dre & Snoop Dog - You're the One that I Want in the Next Episode (Disfunctional DJ mashup) Commentary: Another Metreon/Basic Project Dancers episode, and with the insanity of the holidays and our annual Christmas concert I guess I didn't really have time for a totally from scratch new episode, but this is still a bit of fun, with a surprisingly excellent of the long-forgotten Sandstorm with NIN, my why-didn't-I-release-it Humpty Stroke, and a fun little Happy Mondays section from Episode 76. Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To (Max Tundra remix) 8. Trans-X - Lovemakers on Video (Matt Hite mashup) 9. Dire Straits - Money for Dooms Night (Lionel Vinyl mashup) 10. Green Day - Just Can't Get Enough September (Party Ben mashup, inspired by Team9) 11. The White Stripes - Voodoo Stripes (DJ Zebra mashup) 12. To help intro the mix, I would hop on my motorcycle and weave through traffic downtown to get from the LIVE 105 offices over to the Metreon, and hang out with afternoon superstar Jared, amidst all the holiday insanity, and I actually have really nice memories of all that, so maybe there's a wistfulness compromising my ability to come up with a proper scientific Sixx Mixx score, but I'm proud of this little episode. So we aired a repeat and I saved the mixx, and it turned out the rescheduled concert happened to coincide with a Saturday I was hosting Subsonic, the LIVE 105 electronic show, so I kicked off the show with this Sixx Mixx except it was at midnight. But I feel proud of this little album, so much of it still makes me laugh (the hand wielding a mouse instead of a grenade on the cover is like, the best idea I've ever had)1. Scissor Sisters – Comfortable Tiger (Phil n' Dog mashup) 2. Beck – Shake Shake Tambourine (Black Tambourine remix by Ad Rock) 4. I didn't grow up romanticizing Paris or anything, but I feel immensely privileged to have been able to experience the country in this way.

And of course, the viral phenom before we knew the word "viral," Peanut Butter Jelly Time, in its terrible-quality glory, ends the show on an ecstatically ridiculous note. Queens of the Stone Age – Little Sister (Tone396 Remix) 10. I can't remember why but the show was unexpectedly postponed (after I'd already completed the show so it musta been pretty late in the week). Yeah it's sloppy at points (and we were both so overwhelmed and hurried and busy that we finished everything as mp3s not even as waves so there's no like "clean" classic version to even remaster and share) and it's not like it ever got notoriety (nor was it much like that album at all, which to my mind was a sort of DJ Shadow-style re-edit of The Beatles on which Jay-Z was kind of superfluous although awesome-sounding). Gwen Stefani – Waiting for Satisfaction (Mixomatosis mashup) 6. Killers – Somebody Stole Your Beat (Divide and Kreate mashup) 7. I was surprised and humbled to find myself welcomed and treated seriously as an artist by interviewers and fans, and thanks to the kindness of fellow DJ friends and the music community I met along the way, I began to consider France as a sort of second home. The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again (Fake ID remix) 6. When that show was cancelled, we played a repeat Sixx Mixx instead, and then when the concert was rescheduled for Saturday 11/19, we opened our Subsonic show with the episode, so it was like an after-show party instead. Sixx Mixx 104 - 10/14/2005 - Get On Up There and Dance.

Sixx Mixx 111 - 12/30/2005 - The Final Countdown - Top Ten Sixx Mixx Mashups of 2005 10.

Dre & Snoop "You're The One That I Want In The Next Episode" (Disfunctional DJ) 4.

Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 5/10 Sixx Mixx 108 - 12/02/2005 - Sixx Mixx With a Baseball Bat Edition 1. The White Stripes - Paid for my Doorbell (Party Ben mashup) 2. The White Stripes - Black Doorbell (DJ Zebra mashup) 3. Unfortunately this episode mucks up the whole numbering system since this wasn't really a proper show (and I don't have the original session anywhere so I can't provice a remastered version of the episode anyway). And of course, French artists made an invaluable contribution to the Sixx Mixx, from the aforementioned Zebra to Loo & Placido and Totom.

The show is mostly notable for the first appearance of the legendary Grease/Snoop mashup that was LIVE 105's first "Mashup of the Week" in 2006, and ended up being our most requested song for basically the whole month of January (as well as inciting backlash from hip local weekly newspapers). Beck - Shake Shake Tambourine (Black Tambourine Ad Rock remix) 5. Party Ben Scientific Sixx Mixx Score: 9/10 Sixx Mixx 107b - 11/19/2005 - Nine Inch Nails / Queens of the Stone Age Special 1. There was one alteration -- I'd initially ended the show with my NIN/QOTSA mashup "Insane Medicated Hand," but since it was airing on the electronic show I figured that was a bit "rock," so I switched it out with the DFA remix. I've never been to the Bataclan venue, but the Republique/Canal area has always been my favorite haunt (thanks mostly to the possibility of finding a slightly less stratospherically expensive hotel room there), and while Eagles of Death Metal weren't around in Sixx Mixx times, Queens of the Stone Age are obvious Mixx favorites, and EODM, in their wit and propulsive energy, represent the spirit of musical enjoyment and inclusiveness of the Sixx Mixx at its best.

Despite or perhaps because of the inherent absurdity of it all, large crowds would gather to watch (the dancers were awesome) and I felt a certain responsibility to balance my usual alt-rock-drive-time audience concerns with "can some kids dance to this" concerns. If you listen to that, you can hear me awkwardly talk around ownership of the thing, which is kinda dumb, but I was walking a very thin line there, posting stuff online illegally while legitimizing and publicizing it on LIVE 105 (who wished to continue a good relationship with Green Day). Oasis – I Want Your Wonderwall (Big Bad Baz mashup) 13. Electric 6 – Gay Muppet Bar (Phil n' Dog mashup)Commentary: Riding on the high of last week's solid episode (and playing a little bit of it as well), this episode suffers from repeat-itis, although it's bracketed by two fine productions from the delightful team of Phil n' Dog who (if you listen to the on-air version you will understand) were performing that weekend at our little Bootie club, thus the mega promotion. There's an appropriate build to the dramatic intro of the stellar Cult/Marvin Gaye combo, a perhaps unwelcome retread of the Fatboy Slim/Beatles mega-mashup from Sixx Mixx 99, and a Strokes double play as well. New Order – Law New Order (Brakka mashup) Commentary: For some reason, I feel like Sixx Mixx episodes that were entirely at dance tempo (120-ish or above) were less successful than ones that moved around a little or stuck to slower tempos. There's nothing wrong with this episode, which stays to the "cheeky" theme, from "Sex on Wheels" to the little Chemical Brothers-backed transition between Depeche Mode and J Geils Band, to the Boys Boys Boys version of Blur I stole from Earworm. NIN is terrible, I will say that, and I'm playing more Depeche Mode because we were doing a ticket giveaway but that's doesn't really enhance the show.

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