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He went on to work in Four Seasons kitchens in Edmonton and Dallas before moving to Texas in 1986 to lead the pre-opening team for Four Seasons Hotel Austin.Since coming to Austin, Prambs’ dishes have touched the palates of many distinguished diners including Queen Elizabeth and President George W. But to him, no matter who’s at the table, his guiding philosophy always stems from his earliest experiences in the kitchen. The company is engaged in the purchase and processing of wild medicinal and aromatic plants, as well as production of essential oils.

He and his wife, Darilee, a 1969 WWU graduate, were busy preparing to leave on a trip, yet the letters stopped him in his tracks. Over the next several days Elmar kept opening more and more of the letters and reading them to Darilee as they went about their daily work, the memories continuing to flood back from 50 years previous, when their lives lacked the stability they now enjoy in their Loma Linda, California, home.

“Elmar would come to me and say, ‘You’ve got to listen to this letter! The story of their relationship was there in the sheets of paper where it had first been inked all those years ago.

Now Elmar and Darilee text back and forth as often as they want throughout the day.

But there is still something special in those letters, which will not be forgotten in a garage again any time soon.

“I can remember I wanted to get a picture of a beautiful sunset that I could send to Darilee.

I was watching the sunset and thinking, I waited and waited, and then I saw the sunset was fading and I missed it. And then I realized that I have such a good woman in Darilee, I don’t want to be like that last picture of the sunset and miss it.

“My mother’s cooking is still a huge influence on me.

Just like her, I present menu items that are well-balanced and full of natural flavor.

The letters, no longer needed, were soon forgotten.

Yet somehow they survived multiple moves and different houses until they came to rest in Loma Linda, where Elmar has taught in the School of Medicine for 38 years.“It was breathtaking,” Elmar describes of reading the letters. It just brought back to my consciousness the significant role that Walla Walla had in our lives.

Walla Walla provided the environment in which [our relationship] could happen.

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