Ellie goulding dating greg james

Goulding explained that her anxiety problems were emphasized once she shot to stardom, but that she thinks fame only exacerbated -- not created -- her issues.

“There was too much adrenaline and my heart was pounding," she said.

)We can't wait to hear it -- once, you know, we finally get ' Lights' stuck out of our heads.

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Today he’s in a lumberjack shirt but with no sign of much lumber; he’s been too busy running five triathlons in five days for Sports Relief.

Greg and Chris Smith, his co-presenter, friend and now cowriter, are settling into a day of interviews to promote their book.

I couldn't do anything so I had cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) instead and that actually really worked."She still feels the effects of her anxiety from time to time, but she's learned to deal.

“The other day I was in Germany and it was a really hectic day and I thought, ‘Oh God, here we go! "But I laid down, started breathing, closed my eyes and told people not to talk to me, and then I was fine.”' Halcyon' is essentially a breakup album, one that Goulding described as a “journey from dark to light.

Chris has even brought his own light (provided by his photographer wife) to brighten up their social media filming.

Interviewing them is easy, although Greg admits: “To be honest if no one was talking to us about this book we’d probably just stay here and talk to each other about it.’” Chris remembers how the idea for the book came about. He was really reluctant because everyone else was really good.

That was Cadburyman.” Greg doesn’t have kids himself but loves to hang with his nephew and niece and he’s passionate that this book is for anyone who finds it funny. “It is a children’s book but the podcast we do is a good example: the BBC says, ‘Well 15-year-olds don’t like that so don’t talk about it.’ And I want to say, ‘How do you you know?

When I was 15 I liked Midsomer Murders as well as Blue Peter and The Fast Show and Jeeves and Wooster.’ Don’t patronise.

Six copies of it in fact, much to the surprise of the woman behind the counter at Waterstone’s.

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